Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, daily! Full shipping info can be found on each product page or here


Are your protectors invisible?

No, but scratches aren't either ;) they are as invisible as we can possibly get them. Placement plays a huge part in how visible they will be as does the hardware, by following our guide & tutorials you will be maximising the chances of them being least visible.


Will they damage the hardware?

Absolutely not! Our protectors have been extensively tested on various types of hardware.


Are your protectors removable?

Yes! Our protectors are fully removable, upon removal you may find some adhesive residue, this is perfectly normal and can be removed via our new heart sticky's which are now included with every protector, our remover wipes which can be found here or with a cotton bud / q-tip and some soapy water.


How often should I replace my protectors?

There is no set time scale for replacement as it will depend on how often the item is used and in which conditions, as a general rule we say that items used on a daily basis should have their protectors changed between 6-12 months, items used less often should have their protectors changed every 18-24 months. This will prevent any corners lifting which could allow dust to trap underneath.


My hardware is already scratched / damaged, should I still use a protector?

Dependant on the hardware type and severity of scratch, our protectors can work as great concealers! However, if your hardware is already flaking or peeling we would not recommend using a protector as upon removal the protector may adhere to the already damaged hardware. If you are in doubt, send us a picture of your hardware and we'd be happy to help!


You don't have my handbag listed, do you have protectors that will fit?

If we don't have your handbag listed please drop us a message, we can either check to see if we have protectors which may fit or add your handbag to our request list.