Tutorial & Fitting Instructions

Fitting guide (Amended to include our new placement tabs!)

  1. Make sure the surface the protector is going to be fitted to is clean and free from dirt, dust or silicon based polish
  2. Remove any cut outs from the protector
  3. Place the protector placement tabs onto the protector, avoiding any cut outs
  4. Peel away the protector from the backing sheet using the placement tabs
  5. Align protector up using placement tabs and any circular holes as a guidance
  6. Place down protector
  7. Gently peel away placement tabs (make sure to do this gently so you don't re-lift the protector)
  8. Use and enjoy your handbag without any worries of scratched hardware!  

Please note; whilst our protectors can conceal existing scratches, our protectors should not be used on already peeling or flaking hardware, if you are unsure whether your hardware is suitable, please get in touch and we'd be happy to help.