Vachetta & Canvas Guide

If you love your Louis then you will absolutely be familiar with their Canvas & Vachetta Leather!

At almost opposite ends of the spectrum, Canvas can be incredibly durable and hardwearing on the other, Vachetta can mark with just a touch!

We are here to give you all of the information you'll need to care for both so your favourite accessories remain looking their best for years to come!

If you haven't yet purchased, our Canvas & Vachetta really is the best place to start. After years of experience with both, we've curated the perfect bundle of products to cleanse, condition & protect.

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Canvas is a coated fabric and extremely easy to care for, our Cleansing Wipes are perfect to keep your canvas cleansed and refreshed. Gently wipe over your entire bag, allow to dry and buff with a dry cloth to add shine.

If your Canvas is looking a little tired and faded then you can condition using our Nourishing Conditioner, this will gently condition the canvas whilst also providing a UV Protection - further protecting your canvas against damaging UV Rays which lead to premature ageing and cracking of the canvas. To apply, we recommend using a small amount with one of our mitts and gently / evenly massaging into the canvas.

You can also protect with our Stain Guard which will help to protect your Canvas against marks, stains & colour transfer! You can choose to apply via a clean cloth or mitt, gently and evenly wiping the product onto the canvas (this would be recommended if your handbag has Vachetta trim).

Or, you can spray the product by creating a fine mist, spray from 20-30 cm's in a continuous motion and have a clean cloth or mitt to hand to wipe off any excess. (We do not recommend this option if your handbag contains Vachetta).

Top Tip: Keep away from any antibacterial cleanser or sanitising gel - this will strip your canvas of colour! If you are wishing to sanitise then our Antibacterial cleanser is a great option! It will kill bacteria whilst also helping to remove & prevent mold.

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Vachetta leather is an untreated, calfskin leather which is extremely susceptible to marks & stains. Unfortunately, once these marks and stains occur they are almost impossible to remove -  which is why we knew we had to create a product which protected vachetta and was safe to use! We really feel we've found the holy grail product in our Stain Guard which works perfectly with Vachetta! 

If your Vachetta is new, or has no existing marks then we would NOT recommend cleansing, it's important with Vachetta to use as minimal amount of products as possible.

Vachetta Guide:


Do not apply any product and let it sit on the Vachetta, this leather will start to absorb product right away and this can result in uneven marks. Always apply any product to a clean cloth / mitt or sponge and work the product in evenly & gently straight away

How to protect your Vachetta with our Water & Stain Guard

This product has been tested extensively on Vachetta and as long as applied correctly should not mark or darken the leather

Application really is key - and we would always recommend the following:

- Test products on an inconspicuous area (this goes for all of our products, on all surfaces).
- Remove any accessories - luggage tags, cloches and protect these separately (allow them to fully dry before replacing)
- Ensure the leather is dry and free from any dust or oils.
- Apply the product onto a clean cloth (our mitts are perfect) and wipe evenly over all sections of the leather, paying particular attention to any seams / ridges. An even
application is key so try to work going around your bag in a particular order.

We always suggest light, even coats. 1-2 lighter coats is far more beneficial than 1 heavier application, this is particularly important when it comes to areas such as handles.

Always allow to dry for up to 6 hours between coats.

Once you are happy you have protected all sections allow to naturally dry before using for up to 24 hours (do not try to speed up this drying process)



How often should I cleanse / re-apply each product?

If your accessories become dirty or stained then it's always really important to safely cleanse them asap, the longer you allow the stain the penetrate the more difficult it will become to remove. It's for this reason why we created our Cleansing Wipes to be individually wrapped, we keep one inside every handbag and wouldn't leave the house without one!

If you use your items daily then we would recommend cleansing and re-protecting every 8 weeks, shoes for example will require protecting more frequently.

Before re-protecting we would recommend you safely cleanse your Canvas using the above technique and refer to the Vachetta image guide as to whether we would recommend cleansing the Vachetta before re-protecting.

Generally speaking, if there are no marks and stains, your Vachetta is in a good condition and it has patinaed evenly then you can go straight to re-protect as we always suggest minimising the products used on Vachetta leather.

Will the Water & Stain Guard Darken my Vachetta?

This product has been tested extensively on Vachetta and as long as applied correctly it will not. It's really important you do not apply too much product and apply it evenly. You may notice the Vachetta darkens slightly during application but once dry the Vachetta will return to it's original shade.

Will my Vachetta still patina if I use your Stain Guard?

Yes, due to the nature of Vachetta leather this will always patina. However, by protecting with our Stain Guard you can ensure your Vachetta patinas evenly. We have also found from experience it does slow the patina process down.

Can I use your Antibacterial Cleanser on Canvas?

Yes you can! This is a great cleanser for Canvas as it will gently cleanse whilst also killing bacteria and preventing mold and mildew.

Do I need to condition canvas?

If your Canvas is in good condition then it's not strictly necessary. Generally, we like to condition our Canvas once a year, this ensures our canvas stays in it's best condition and is protected from damaging UV Rays. Our Nourishing Conditioner (contained within our Canvas and Vachetta Bundle) also contains a UV Filter which will help to protect and prevent your canvas from premature ageing, cracking and fading.