Pink Friday Offers

Havre de Luxe Black Pink Friday deals:  Our biggest saving of the year... a HUGE 20% off sitewide*  Starting Wednesday 22nd November through to Tuesday 28th November.

*excludes Pink Friday bundle (below) and the Essentials Bundle (already with 30% off) & our Everything bundle (already with 20% off and a free gift)


FREE gift with every order:   Get a FREE pack of 6 Deodorising capsules with every order over £50/$65.

Our deodorising capsules keep your luxury care routine going even whilst your designer bags and accessories are stored away! 

Protect your luxe from the damaging effects of excess moisture and humidity. These little balls of magic help to keep mold and mildew at bay, whilst eliminating musty odours, leaving a subtle fragrance. 

Place inside your handbags, shoes, and storage areas to take continuous care of your luxury collection... even while it rests in the closet!

FREE with every order over £50/$65. Add the code PINKGIFT at checkout. 



EXCLUSIVE!  The Pink Friday Bundle: BADGE: 50% Discount!  Limited stock... once they've gone they've gone!   This is your chance to save BIG for your luxe!

A curated collection of premium care products - with everything you need to cleanse, condition, restore and protect your entire luxe collection! 

With unbeatable value!

Pink Friday Bundle
RRP = £230
50% Discount!


Let's take a closer look…


Water & Stain Guard Plus Refill Pouch (equivalent to 3 x bottles!) Sub-head: Invisible Shield

Creates an invisible barrier of protection against water, stains & colour transfer - watch water roll off your bag like magic! No 1 best seller for a reason!

Perfect for: canvas & vachetta, lambskin calfskin and caviar, fabrics, suedes & more! 

Gentle Foam Cleanser + Refill Pouch (equivalent to 3 bottles)  Sub-head: Thoroughly Gentle

Bring back your bag's true beauty, gently lifting away dirt and grime.

Perfect for: Delicate leathers such as lambskin, caviar and even exotics – also perfect for canvas & fabrics

Antibacterial Cleanser  Subhead: Bacteria be gone!

 Say goodbye to bacteria and hello to freshness! This safe cleanser ensures your luxe accessories are not just clean, but hygienically clean! 

Perfect for: LV Canvas, Lambskin & Calfskin, Caviar, Cotton Canvas, Nylon

Hydrating Cleanser Radiance Reviver

 This 2-in-1 formula gently cleanses whilst nourishing the material. Helps prevent cracked leather or canvas and also adds shine!

Perfect for: delicate leathers such as Lambskin & Calfskin, as well LV Coated canvas 

 Cleansing Wipes (Pack of 10) Title: Emergency Rescue

Your on-the-go solution for life's (major!) mishaps. Safely cleanses and adds shine. Over 100,000 sold & Chanel Saving – need we say more?!

Perfect for: Empreinte Leather, Vachetta, Canvas, EPI leather, Caviar & Lambskin leather, Grained leathers, Togo & Epsom leathers

Nourishing UV Conditioner Sub-head: Ageless Beauty

 Protects your leather from harmful UV rays and prevents fading and cracking. 

Perfect for: Empreinte Leather, Vachetta, Canvas, EPI leather, Caviar & Lambskin leather, Grained leathers, Togo & Epsom leathers

Black Restoring Pen Subhead - Renamed ‘Magic Pens’ by our customers!

Worn and scuffed corners? This pen will have you covered!

Perfect for: Lambskin, Calfskin, Caviar, Grained & Smooth Leathers  

Large Pink Application Mitt  Ultra luxe and most wanted!

In fact, they are so popular we've sold out of them 5 times!

As a result we've removed mitts from our bundles because we simply cannot keep up with demand! ! So this really is a limited exclusive - we’ve reserved a select amount from our general stock for this bundle only!

Pink Application towel/matMade from the same material as our best-selling mitts, doubles up as an application towel and mat to place your accessories on when cleansing and protecting

x3 Grey Sponges – A great way to apply our products, particularly to fabric / embroidered bags
x 5 White Cloths – Super handy to have!
Bundle Bonuses! 
Lambskin, Caviar & Calfskin Bespoke Guide
Vachetta Protection Guide
Vachetta & Canvas Guide
Fabrics & Embroidery Guide
Metallics & Iridescent Guide
Fan of guides


You'll have ALL of the information on how best to care for your luxe!

Luxury embossed gift box—a stylish and practical way to store all your care essentials or a stunning gift for a fellow luxe-lover!

The Pink Friday Bundle
RRP = £230
50% Discount!

Only available during our Pink Friday week - Wednesday 22nd November through to Tuesday 28th November.

If you love luxe – you NEED this bundle which will NOT be back!
Super limited stock!

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